IMG_0539I am an athletic performance coach specialising in developing sport specific strength, speed, power, agility and endurance. My motto is ‘train smart and hard’. Theres always a better way to optimise performance but you can never beat hard work. I strive to marry the two to create the perfect athlete.

I am also competent in data collection and analysis to provide meaningful information to team coaches to reduce injury risk and optimise performance.

My experience working or interning with Olympians, semi-professional athletes, student athletes, weekend warriors and private clients, both male and female makes me exceptionally versatile and able to fit into any program seamlessly.

Based in Sydney, I currently provide the following services:

  • Speed and agility assessments and coaching
  • Personalised sport-specific strength and conditioning programs
  • Workload monitoring for injury prevention and performance optimisation
  • Outdoor personal training services

For your personal speed assessment, bespoke program, or training advice, please contact me via email on nathankiely1992@gmail.com

For my complete work experience, visit my LinkedIn.